Consultancy ...


Keeps you on track and accountable!


This is where we get to kick ass... not literally of course, but many clients do hire us to give them a regular kick up the proverbial. It’s all about getting things done, making the most of every opportunity and keeping everything on track, pointing in the right direction to deliver those all important results.

Because let’s face it, with the best will in the World, you and I know that we’ll get sidetracked, distracted, diverted onto sorting an immediate issue and something has to fall by the wayside (generally all our good intentions!)

That’s just life; it’s just you working IN your business... which is why our consultancy and mentoring service is designed to work with you ON your business.

Getting us on board to help with your marketing is all about introducing new ideas; and believe it or not, that’s the easiest bit! Making them stick on a long term basis is much harder. But we’re not in this for the short term; we won’t just deliver your brochure and walk away (unless you want us to); we like to see our marketing deliver the optimum results for you and your business.


So, consultancy – or your regular “nagging session” as one client calls it! – it’s our entire team, focused on you and your business, delivering professional advice, guidance and training, all personalised to meet your exact needs.


Marketing AND Sales! Yup – we can do sales consultancy too, because we see no point in ramping up your marketing, using your hard-earned budget to deliver you more of the right quality leads if your team then struggles to convert enough of them into sales.

Access all areas! Take advantage of all our lovely, juicy experts. Whatever you need help with – your latest light bulb moment, a tricky sales call, even how to get your own team in the right, motivated mind-set... just call us; we’ll either sort it over the phone or pop out to see you, whichever’s best

Positive outcomes. We guess the minute you saw “consultancy” you thought “cost”; ours is different though. It will still cost you, but our mentoring and coaching focuses on developing the skills your team needs to deliver positive results which you and your management team can measure. We do all we can to ensure success; in return, we ask for your commitment too. Can’t say fairer than that, or can we?...


Our Guarantee. The marketing we carry out for you is fully covered by the Juicy ‘Risk Reversal Guarantee’. This means in the unlikely event you don’t experience the uplift then we will undertake further consultancy and mentoring sessions – totally free of charge – until you do hit those targets.


An hour a week, a day a month; perhaps even your complete outsourced marketing department (just think: no more NI, holiday pay or pension contributions)... we’d love to “nag” you, oh so nicely, as much or as little as you like.

However, we only take on people who genuinely can commit to taking their business to the next level, because we don't want to waste your time or ours to be honest. Our goal is to do ourselves out of a job as quickly as possible... yes, really!... by imparting our considerable knowledge, experience and expertise to your team, so you can go it alone when you feel the time is right.

So if that sounds like you and you’re really ready to kick ass too, give us a call to see just how good we are at motivating you and your team to get results!


Call +44 (0) 1256 335622 NOW you know it makes sense!

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