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Meet Our Team ...


You don’t have to be mad to work here, but it helps! It’s also helps if you like fast cars, fast shoes and fast, spotty dogs.


We’re a small but beautifully formed team, all professionals in our own field and if we’re honest, all a bit nerdy about our own particular marketing speciality.


Usually found deeply engrossed in your projects, throwing ideas (or biscuits) at each other and generally having a fabulous creative time, the juicy team is friendly, approachable and generally harmless, with brightly coloured plumage and a very small G&T habit (only on a Friday!)


We let our main characters loose on their own biogs (why, oh why?). The rest – a hugely talented bunch of part-timers and freelancers with some extra-special skill sets – all breathed a sigh of relief; what they don’t know is we may still add them yet!


In the meantime, choose your suspect and stay safe!


Diane Dykes Jeremy Driscoll Clare Westbrook
Tim Silvester Niki Keane Puzzle