Cool tool or total time waster?

We are often asked about the value of social media; think facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube to name but a few! There’s a vast array of ways to ‘get connected’ and they’re growing every month, but is all this really of any use to you, and can you honestly make money by simply posting or tweeting every now and then?

It's a much hyped topic and our view is this; if you’re selling to consumers, then social media is most definitely a must for creating buzz about your brand, but for B2B marketing it’s possibly more about building connection, credibility, community and confidence in your brand. If you work it alongside and integrated with all your other marketing activities - your prospects and customers can interact with you the way they choose day to day.

It's worth remembering today’s students are tomorrow’s decision makers; so when they get to be your customers you can be sure they’ll be using social media and online networking like never before – for day to day communicating, recommendations, recruitment, even web and information searches. So, as a business you need to embrace this fast paced technology or get left behind.


And also remember your personal networks can really pay dividends too, if you work at them of course! People really do still buy from 'real' people after all so you need to consider how you can build your personal web presence too!


Google is your new CV ... like it or not! Everyone and everything can be 'googled' so make sure you and your business come top.

So whether you want

  • help setting up your facebook fan page
  • to grab your 'vanity url' (if you're not sure what this is, call us!)
  • us to design facebook fan pages and banners
  • ideas about generating content
  • an extra set of hands to post comments
  • your social media outlets linked
  • to automate your posts
  • video editing and uplifting to YouTube

or perhaps you just want to explore the possibilities at this stage – our juicy team can set you on the right track to success.


Call us now: +44 (0) 1256 335622 and let’s see where our conversation takes us!


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