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Love it or hate it, online marketing gets everywhere and can prove hugely profitable if done right!

Online is often seen as the “economical” option, which it can be, but it’s not really a bargain if it doesn’t build relationships, deliver leads and sell products, is it?


However the sad truth is most website designers are totally clueless about marketing and yet the right words, with clear instructions and simple navigation are the most vital elements for your online success – not how 'pretty' it looks.


And we're not just talking websites anymore... five years ago having a website was enough, three years ago you needed to add regular emailers to that, now it’s social media, apps, mobile marketing, eMarketing and using your website as the hub of your marketing activities.

For us, the real skill is in creating cost effective and successful web marketing (and it has to be gorgeous too, or we don’t let it out of the door!); so that’s just what we do...

Website Design; yes, it needs to look good but we must also build-in essential elements which entice your visitors to part with their details so you can continue to market to them… making your website an active part of your sales system, not just a brochure on the web.

Website Construction; from simple HTML and PHP, to CMS driven and eCommerce sites, our techies deliver what you need, how you need. So, if you can imagine it, we can build it – budget permitting of course!

eMarketing Campaigns: if you’re thinking a simple email, then think again! We’re talking powerful, persuasive, persistent eShots which build credibility and trust, rather than ending up as junk or spam. There’s a real art to getting this right and we’ve spent £1000’s learning from the best in the World, so you can be sure you and your business will benefit too.

Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click (SEO and PPC): all the tricks of the trade to make your content easy to use, easy to share and easy to index, because that’s what search engines like! Our tried, tested and proven ‘geeks’ deliver the right traffic you need to succeed, time and again.

Social Media: facebook fan pages, business networks, tweets, videos, YouTube, PING, Zing … and everything else too... how to raise your profile, gather a following and turn it all into something useful (see our Social Media page too).


Apps: although not something we 'build' in house, we can connect you with some great 'gurus' who work alongside us and will show you ways to exploit apps to the max.


It isn’t rocket science, but it is important to get it right - by turning it all into a co-ordinated sales and marketing machine - if you want a real return on your investment.


At this point the most commonly asked question is “How much will it cost?”; our usual answer is “Depends what you want!” It's a bit like buying a car and deciding on the extras which make it right for you.


We don’t build low quality websites - we build websites which work hard for you; we don’t use off-the-shelf templates - we design what your customers need; we won’t try to sell you an expensive, bespoke, non-transferable CMS site if you don't need it in our opinion... and to answer your question, our websites start at just £100 per page.

A small amount to invest in your future success we believe.


So, get in touch and let's get cracking! Call us: +44 (0) 1256 335622




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